CCPSA Hall of Fame

Frannie Cruise

For over thirty years Frannie Cruise has been and continues to be a builder – creating programs to expand the horizons of children and young adults with disabilities. She came to what was known as the Variety Treatment Center in 1976 as a recreational therapist. Working with her colleagues at the center, she developed a swimming and track and field program. In 1982, she discovered other provinces with athletes with CP with competing at US National games. It was shortly after that she was fundamental in developing a cerebral palsy sport association for British Columbia. She encountered boccia when auditing an adapted physical education course in Texas and brought it back to BC. The course spread through BC when Frannie planned Boccia Bashes in targeted areas throughout the province.

She continues in her creative but practical ways to get people with disabilities out in to the ‘real world’ and become as independent as possible; whether it is travelling independence, weight training or recruiting athletes for other sports. Frannie goes beyond the meaning of ‘doing your job’. Her commitment and understanding that everyone wants to be part of the whole has guided her from the beginning of her career to the roles she now plays… whenever and wherever she lands.