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Canadian Cerebral Palsy Sports Association

c/o House of Sport
RA Centre
2451 Riverside Dr
Ottawa, Ontario K1H 7X7

Phone: (613) 748-1430
Toll Free: 1-888-752-2772
Email: [email protected]


Peter Leyser

Jennifer Larson

Holly Janna

  • Role: Communications Lead and National Team Coordinator
  • Tel: (613) 748-1430 x3
  • Email: [email protected]

Heather Bonas

Mario Delisle

César Nicolai

Simon Larouche

Ed Richardson

Dr. Amélie Soulard

  • Role: Psychologist and Consultant in Mental Performance / IST Lead

Dr. Andréane Bourgeois

  • Role: Doctor

Lisa Minten-Corbeil

  • Role: Physiotherapist

Dr. Sylvain Gaudet

  • Role: Physiologist

Thomas Romeas

  • Role: Neuroscientist and Skill Acquisition Specialist

Valérie Audet

  • Role: Fitness Trainer