Frame Running

What is Frame Running?

Frame Running is an athletic discipline for people with cerebral palsy or related neuromuscular disorders. The Frame Runner is a wheeled frame with a saddle, body support, and no pedals. The athlete steers the structure using his/her hands or arms. Athletes can run long distances in the secure and stable bike-like structure. It gives the athletes the opportunity to move freely on their feet without the risk of falling. Frame Running has recently been added to the World Para Athletics program and could potentially be included in the 2024 Paris Paralympic Games.

Pilot Project

The Canadian Cerebral Palsy Sports Association (CCPSA), in collaboration with the Conductive Education Academy and the Ontario Cerebral Palsy Sports Association, delivered a pilot program to introduce Frame Running in the Greater Toronto Area. Eight running frames were purchased from RAD Innovations to kick off the program. The pilot project took place in October 2021 where students were suited up in the frames so that they could test out the equipment. The CCPSA is also in discussions with Athletics Canada to help develop an athlete pathway for frame running in Canada. There is ongoing discussion around further delivery of the program from here on out.


Additional information on Frame Running classification is available here. You can request the full classification manual here.

Contact Information

For more information on Frame Running, please contact Jennifer Larson.