CCPSA Hall of Fame

Janet Dunn

Educator, creator, coach and mentor all describe Janet’s current and past interaction in sport. Janet’s involvement extends for over 30 years, she is a founding member of both Alberta Cerebral Palsy Sports and Canadian Cerebral Palsy Sports Associations, pioneered the development of a swim program and has worked at all levels of the sport system in the development of sport for athletes with a disability and swimming.

Her development has seen her go thorough many levels going from a program developer, to coach, to Paralympic coach (198 Seoul, South Korea) and into classification. She has taught classification courses domestically and internationally over the last 20 years and is a leading presenter for IPC Swimming for the medical portion of the functional classification system. Janet is currently an international classifier for CPISRA and internationally authorized as a swimming classifier for IPC. She is also the Chair of Swimming Canada’s Classification Committee and is currently back on the pool deck as part of the Tyee Swim Club and Island Swimming.