CCPSA Hall of Fame

Lori Price-Mireau

Lori was introduced to an after-school program for athletes with disabilities (1991). M.C.P.S.A. was running a Boccia program at the school. She was invited by the coach to come and watch a practice. She was immediately impressed with the athletes and how they loved what they were doing. Soon you couldn’t keep her away; she was dropping in for practices once or twice a week. Lori at first helped as an attendant when needed. She then started travelling with the team and also became involved in officiating at different meets across Canada. Her heart was really into the coaching though so she acted as assistant coach for about 4 years. She registered with the National Coaching Certificate Program and received level 3 Theory and level 1 Technical as well as level 1 Boccia coaching.

Learning and taking on new challenges has always been part of Lori’s goals. She spent most of her career, professional development and volunteer time working with and for the needs of students with disabilities. Knowing what she had to offer this group of dedicated athletes involved in the sport was just as rewarding as it was a learning experience. As head coach she developed a program that provided training and practice for athletes from beginners, to elite who compete at international levels. It has been with great pride that she held the position of Head Coach since 1995.